I once took a philosophy class during my sophomore year of college and during that course, we covered many philosophers (including Aristotle & Karl Marx). Personally, philosophy is how you interpret it and out of everything I’ve learned in that class I took away the power of relationships. In the photo above I included my favorite quote by Karl Marx, a quote to this day still sticks with me constantly.



“the way in which two or more concepts, objects, or people are connected, or the state of being connected”


The first thought when an individual says “relationship” they think of romantically, however, I define a relationship (as the above definition) any kind of connection you have with another person, whether it’s a friendship, family or your boyfriend/girlfriend. Either way….these relationships can accidentally hinder your growth process.

And just to put this out there, you don’t need any of these relationships to grow personally. Would it be nice? of course! But it isn’t a necessity.

All relationships are essential to your life. You have those relationships where they’ve been apart of your life for years and through that relationship, nothing has gone wrong. These are the same friendships that cause nothing but happiness, they’re supportive, there for you emotional & physically. These are healthy relationships that you should keep during your personal growth process.

Then you have those relationships that have had more downs than ups, they aren’t supportive, and they contribute negative energy to your life. LET THEM GO.

One thing that gets on my nerves more than anything is a one-sided relationship. You know those relationships where you’re doing all of the giving and receiving nothing in return, you always have a shoulder for them to cry on but they’re nowhere to be found when you need a shoulder. These relationships? (excuse my grammar but) gotta go.

A relationship where all they bring to your life is drama? gotta go.

A relationship where all they do is bring negativity around you? gotta go.

And as I stated above, you do NOT need a relationship (boyfriend, girlfriend,  or friend) to grow personally. It’s actually bested that you personally mature before you get into a relationship (romantic or friendship). However, if you’re already in one before you start your growth process just make sure your significant other or friend is on the same page with you, therefore that person can be more help than damage. Because let’s be realistic, not every relationship can benefit your growth process, some relationships can actually prevent it.

Take a step back and really see if you’re gaining anything from any of your relationships and if you aren’t then chuck up your deuces and bounce. giphy

I know from experience that these relationships can hold you back from your personal growth.



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