Goal Setting



This weeks topic is about goal setting. I personally feel that if you set goals (whether it be short-term goals or long-term-goals) it helps you be a very successful person. Your goal can be something as simple as not getting on social media for a day, and once you accomplish that goal you’re already a step ahead to accomplish the next goal. I’m the kind of person who writes a list of goals each week and checks them off one by one every day. Why? because it gives you long-term vision and short-term motivation!

Why is goal setting something essential to your personal growth? By setting attentive, clearly specified goals, you can measure and take pride in the achievement of those goals, and you’ll see continuous progress in what might beforehand have seemed a long pointless grind. You will also elevate your self-confidence, as you recognize your own capability in achieving the goals that you’ve set.

For me, I start by creating a big picture of what I want in life (lifetime goals) then gradually break that down into smaller goals that I must achieve to hit those lifetime goals. Then once I have my plan, I take steps to achieve those smaller goals.

Some people have a hard time with goal setting because they seem to lose track of the way.  I would be a liar if I said that has never happened to me because it has. The way to kick that feeling is to remain focused on the big picture.

You can do this by writing it down and putting it somewhere visible so that you’ll always see it! I use a vision board.

A vision board is a tool to help you keep track of your goals on paper! You list all of your goals you want to achieve, big or small,  and you can put this on an actual board (dry erase is what some people use) or just a big poster board! I use a mini poster board and keep it in my room!

If you’re having trouble with losing motivation, I suggest making a vision board and putting on your wall in your bedroom, that way it’s staring you in the face every day and you can constantly work on your goals!

I challenge everyone who reads this to set a goal that they want to achieve — short-term or long-term — and comment below with that goal!

I’ll start with one of my goals: Find a job for after graduation in May!

Comment yours below!! image1.gif




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