First, I just want to thank everyone who has been keeping up with my blog on this “Personal Growth” journey and I hope that somewhere, somehow it has helped you.

This will be my last blog post on Personal Growth.


To sum up Personal Growth, I would like to think that all of my previous blog posts can lead you to one thing… happiness.

And to be completely honest, that is all I wanted my blogs to lead to you. I think pure happiness is the ultimate goal in personal growth.

And I believe that all of my previous blog posts in this “series” of growth can lead you to the happiness you deserve as a person.


I want all of my readers to work on being happy with themselves and use my blog as a guide if you want. Every topic I touched based on can definitely get you there.

I think happiness is the most important goal of growing personally because isn’t that point of growing? To be happy?

And I think if people look at happiness as a state of mind, and not a destination, it would be easier to do so!

Do some self-reflection, love yourself more, overcome those obstacles, forgive others and yourself, look and see if those relationships you have are helping you or destroying you, set those goals, make time for yourself, step out of your comfort zone, read a book, take a walk or run sometimes, and never lose faith… do all of these things and the road to happiness will not be far behind.

Believe in yourself and your growth, and make sure you don’t let anyone tear you down! You are a magnificent person who deserves all of the happiness in the world, just believe it and it shall come!



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