Maaaan Listen,

First and foremost, I would love to thank everyone who was consistent readers in my Personal Growth journey. Because of you, I made it my mission to continue with my blog, just a different theme!

“Post-Grad Life” is the new theme of my blogs!

Okay, so I graduated college….about a month and three weeks ago, right? Let me update you guys on this so-called “adult life”

…it sucks lol.


It only sucks because you’re not in school anymore so now you have to make smarter choices for your mental, physical, emotional, and most importantly…financial life.

During the first month of graduating these were my thoughts: 

It’s nothing like the movies where you graduate, get that job, move into your own apartment and live happily ever after while living your best life (well for some people).

I was told that once I have a degree a full-time job would come with ease, well that person lied…(I reallywish I could remember who told me that because we need to have a little chat).


Adult life for me has been applying for jobs after jobs after jobs (very draining by the way). Then, there were jobs that called me in for an interview but I didn’t get the job..their loss right? right.

Literally, the only perk of being a college graduate (with no intentions of Graduate school) is that I no longer have to sit in a classroom and not paying any major bills since I live at home now. So it’s easier to save.

After that first month of pitying myself, this is what I decided to do:

I decided to pray.


I literally gave all of my issues with being unemployed to God and doors magically opened. I had to put my pride aside and be willing to work outside of the marketing field. Once that happened, opportunities opened up! I went on an interview for a full-time job (still in the interview process which is good) and I’m picking up a part-time job. Things are looking up.

The thing is with God, He knows what is in store for you, he listens to your prayers and He’s always preparing you for the next step. It’s up to you to keep your faith. Stop doubting him! Once you put your total faith in Him things will look up! They looked up for me.

Once you have that little bit of doubt in your mind, you have already diminished the work He’s doing. Keep that faith!

Just because something isn’t in my particular field, doesn’t mean it’s not meant for me to do…this is only the beginning. Not the end.

So, a lesson I’ve learned during this whole job search process is: Trust in God. 

I had to learn how to stop complaining about everything that has been going wrong in my life and look at it as an opportunity. Did I give up? Yes, I sure did, but I bounced back!

And plus, my mother didn’t raise a quitter, okaaaaaayy



3 thoughts on “Maaaan Listen,

  1. Aunt B says:

    Bri… this “adult – after college – job search process shall make you stronger!! You have the right ingredient TRUST GOD! This blog is amazing! Keep praying and God shall reveal and order your steps. Love you much! 😘


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