A Little Insight.

Okay so listen, I wrote a WHOLE different blog about two weeks ago and never posted it because I didn’t think it was real enough (or good enough to post but that’s the self-doubt in me). So shoutout to my very good friend Kiara, because our conversation today made me want to dig deeper.

The blog was about happiness and how can I write about something I’ve never truly, genuinely felt? Don’t get me wrong, I am not an unhappy person, I have happy moments and I’m happy with certain things in my life. But I’m not at a point in my life where I can sit down and just say “wow, I’m genuinely happy with every aspect of my life”. I do have these moments where I’m down because I’m not where I want to be or because I’m extremely stressed out.

And some of that stress involves having to pretend like I have it all together when in actuality I do not. Another part of it may be that I’m so busy trying to make others happy and tiptoeing around their feelings that I can’t focus on myself. Then I’m always making sure everyone is fine or making sure everyone is getting the help they need but I struggle to help myself.

Also, outside of other people, I’m the type of person who waits for the bad things to happen when everything is going extremely well in my life (“the boom” is what I like to call it). And I need to stop that as well because that’s getting in the way of me being truly happy.

So I’ve decided that I need to take some time to myself. And it wasn’t until my friend Geryn posted on her Instagram story that I realized I’m more focused on everyone else than myself. She said “I haven’t felt productive in my personal goals in a long time because I’ve been focused on everybody else and their goals and helping everyone with stuff, that I haven’t been able to help myself and my goals. And I just need to kind of take some time and do for myself for a second and what makes me happy.”

And that’s me because I haven’t been giving my all to my personal goals or to my personal happiness because I’m so busy doing that for others. So from today until the rest of my time on this lovely earth, I’m doing things for me and what makes me happy. I’m also going to try and not expect bad things to step in a ruin the bit of happiness I do have. I’m going to try my hardest to be genuinely happy. It won’t happen overnight, but it will happen.

To all of my readers, are you truly happy? if not are you going to do something about it? and if you are…when was the moment you realized you were?? (comment below)

The goal is happiness. I want everyone to feel it.


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  1. Beliss Smith says:

    Good reading! I defined happiness as contentment in a moment or an experience. Happiness for me various and it’s a emotion; therefore it’s subject to change daily. For example, when my children are obedient, focused and remain on task, I’m happy, but the moment that changes, I’m unhappy. Instead of chasing happiness, I seek joy. I found out that there’s something good if not exceptional about every day, especially when I take a moment to look around at God’s creation.

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  2. Lorissa says:

    It’s not a coincidence that I happened to swipe up and read this today. I’ve been having this same internal dialogue for quite some time now. When did I stop catering to myself—or have I ever? As a teacher, mentor, and counselor it’s so easy for me to live my life always serving others. Yes my day to day interactions bring me JOY, but still there are moments I feel personally unaccomplished, unsettled. So the time is now; time to believe in self and time to invest in myself. It won’t always be easy, but it’s a challenge I’m willing to accept!

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  3. Tracye Morris says:

    Coincidently, I received this in my email. How befitting to your blog. Great topic!

    The key to happiness is being awake and aware of what is really happening in every moment rather than being absorbed in thoughts about the past, future, your life, other people, and the many other thoughts we get lost in. These thoughts don’t add to our life or enhance our experience of life but detract from the potential joy, peace, and contentment inherent in each moment. Happiness is in our control, since where we focus our attention is in our control. When we focus on what the mind is telling us, we suffer; when we focus on what is real and true in this moment, we align with our true self and experience joy, peace, and contentment. Each day of this course will help you see through the egoic mind and the suffering it causes and will encourage you to live more in the moment and less in your mind. The happiness you will uncover over the next sixty days is the true and ever-present happiness that comes from contact with your true self.

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  4. Chyanna Jones🦁 says:

    I love that you spoke posted about your feelings!! This is huge for you, honestly this post got me thinking about my own personal wellness, happiness, and what I am doing to maintain that. Another awesome post, don’t let up.. you are getting people thinking and motivating readers more than you know!

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