Mental Health Awareness Month.

Happy May everyone,

And since this month is Mental Health Awareness Month let’s discuss ways to keep your mental health under control…well, I’ll share mine in hopes of it helping you!

Self love

People always ask me what I do to maintain my mental health. I’m always told that I’ve come along way from a couple of years ago. It’s because I’m trying to master the art of being attuned with my inner-self. There are things I practice that keeps me grounded and the more I practice them the more I’m at peace.

I’m the type of person, now, where I like to control how I react to things and make sure no one interrupts my happiness. So below I’m going to tell you a couple of things I do to remain “happy” even on my bad days.

PRAYER. As soon as I get up or when I’m doing my hair or even in my car on my way to work in the morning, I make sure I pray and talk to God. Then whenever I feel as though someone is testing me, I talk to him as well. Talking to God literally calms me down, I can’t stress that enough. It’s time where I’m so irritated that I just walk off and talk to him as I walk, then boom, I’m calm again.

READING. When I was younger, I didn’t like reading (which I hate to actually admit that but it’s the truth), however, now, I thoroughly enjoy it. I read the bible, poetry books, fiction & nonfiction. I’m currently reading this book titled “Don’t Worry, It Get Worse” by Alida Nugent. It’s about one twentysomething’s attempts (mostly failed) at adulthood and I’m also reading “Becoming” by Michelle Obama (I know I’m late to the game but oh well lol). But in the past I’ve read The Hate U Give, numerous poetry books (HER, HER vol. 2, Milk & Honey and The Sun & Her Flowers).

WRITING. It’s pretty obvious that I love to write, but there are certain things I write that I would never show anyone or have published because it’s a little too deep, dark or just my personal feelings. But writing helps me A L O T with expressing myself. 

ALONE TIME. Sometimes I literally sit in silence lol. Whether it’s in my car or my bedroom I just need that alone time to recollect my thoughts. Don’t think it’s selfish for wanting to be alone, it’s not selfish. As humans, we NEED that alone time to recharge! And you can do anything during that time, I watch Friends, read blogs, or watch YouTube channels.

Recently, I’ve been reading blogs from The Good Girl Movement. The Good Girl Movement tackles various topics from news, self-love and girl talk! Not only is it a blog, but it’s a business as well founded by Brooklyne Bakeras they do a numerous amount of community service. The Good Girl Movement recently raised money to donate water to Flint, MI. Which I thought was pretty inspiring.

As for YouTube channels I watch two channels, my friend Bajah just started her YouTube channel titled “QueensTY” where her personality is seen from the two videos she’s posted so far! Definitely will keep you entertained. Her latest video is her reaction to Beyonce’s HOMECOMING. I also support Sade’s YouTube channel titled “Sade’ Michelle: Beauty/ Lifestyle/ VLOGS/ Fashion” where she shares her insight on a variety of topics, in her latest video she shares tips on how to start your own YouTube channel! Both channels are awesome, I encourage everyone to check them out! (links will be provided below for both YouTube channels and The Good Girl Movement)

Lastly, I always try to remind myself that I’m doing the best I know how to do. And that I have so much to be thankful for. Even when I’m having bad day I know that it’s not as bad as it could be and soothes my soul a little bit. Even when things aren’t as great I know that there will be light at the end of the tunnel.

Also, following people on social media who post devotionals, motivational quotes and inspiring posts helps me as well. I have my own devotionals I read through my Bible app, but I like to look at the part people post on their Instagram stories!

Remember, it’s Mental Health Awareness Month, so please take care if your mental health.



Links to anything I’ve mentioned:

The Good Girl Movement:


Twitter: @thegoodgirlmovement

Instagram: @thegoodgirlmovement

Bajah’s YouTube Channel:

Sade’s YouTube Channel:

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  1. Tracye Morris (Mommie) says:

    I love this topic! I sometime forget to take of me fully as we busy ourselves in our day and night…Great read and shout out to your Sister friends! ❤️


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