Ayo, It’s Really July.

02AA780F-5320-4CFE-9E47-53BBA57DAEF7-15543-00000791C7F39B52 Happy July Everyone


Sometimes we need a mental break from everything and everyone to get our thoughts together, kind of like a mini refresher. I wish I could say I did that in the month of June, however, if it’s one thing I didn’t do it was that. I spent June (in a way) living my best life. From celebrating family accomplishments to going out with friends in Richmond to traveling to the 757 area & visiting my friends there, I spent June just being Bri. A person who I kind of lost touch for a while and have missed dearly. I’m not saying the person who I was before June wasn’t Bri, but it wasn’t authentically me. No matter how happy I am (which is really happy might I add lol) I’m still really finding me in the process but I think everyone has that problem every now and then. 

The only downside to actually “living my best life” in June was the lack of God in my life. I mean, I continuously pray everyday, talk to God all of the time but I wasn’t doing my devotionals and church wasn’t a priority (and the saying “God knows my heart isn’t acceptable it’s just an excuse to run away from Him, trust me). So I was living my best life but I wasn’t living it through him, no matter how many times I prayed and talked to Him. Which isn’t good at all, but me and God had a long talk and we agreed that I would do so much better. I made a promise to Him.

Also, I didn’t post any blogs in the month of June, and the reasoning behind that is I’ve been having a mean writers/creative block… but was it a true block or was I just distracted? I was distracted lol. I came to the conclusion that I wasn’t really trying to get out of my block and I wasn’t really pouring into my passion like I should’ve to continue my personal growth. I was getting a little too comfortable in this “adult life” that isn’t made for creatives. The whole 9-5 Monday through Friday, off weekends, boring lifestyle? Nope not for creatives, it actually dims our light. BUT we’re supposed to find a way to still be creative in this non-creative environment, I’m still finding my way. And I promised myself that I would dedicated my time into finding that.

Overall, June was a wonderful month though, filled with family, love, new responsibilities, spending time with family, and saving. My goal for July is to not lose touch with God, no matter how busy or distracted I may get, because without him my life wouldn’t be what it is today. Because of God I live the life I want to live. I’ve ask for so much and he’s blessed me with literally everything, and for me to kind of put Him on the back-burner is kind of embarrassing.  It was something my friend Sharai said that stuck to me, she said “How can He bless me with the things I’m asking for if I can’t do what he asks” …that sentence has been on my mind heavily. So, as stated… July’s goal is to continue to live my best life BUT with God.   


Being that July started on a Monday (start of a new month at the beginning of a new week, whew chile, is that isn’t motivation to start over I don’t know what is)…. I challenge everyone to write down your goals for the month of July. Make a list, it doesn’t have to be a long list either, and dedicated this month to achieving those goals!



SN: Happy Birthday Darryn! 🙂

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  1. Tracye Morris says:

    This maybe one of my favorite writings thus far! We must challenge ourselves to be the best we that we were born to be! Without Seeking Him first and the kingdom, how does it all get added unto you? Thank you for writing this. Creative minds do get bored with the mundane life of a 9-5, heck I know, I am bored and this was a wake up call to truly put more efforts and pursue my passion!!
    Love you Girlie ❤️😘

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    1. Belissa says:

      The month of July is a great month ( not just because it’s my birthday month) to begin self awareness checks. The month of July is also the 7th month of the year, biblically 7 means completion, of both physical and spiritual things. As you stated, this is the time to redirect, focus, and maintain a healthy wholesome “living your best life” in Christ. After all, We are who we are, because of him. So continue to be the best Bri in Christ Jesus!

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      1. I agree!! Thank you so much Ms. Belissa!!!!


    2. Thank you mom! Love you more!!


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