Truth is I’m tired.

This semester, I wrote a paper about how I didn’t want to be the one writing about the struggles and the oppression black people, like myself, are dealing with today. I told myself that writing such papers would place me in a box with all of the other African Americans who have written essays, poems, books, etc. on the injustices and racism that has been transcended to us.

Now, I know that I was silencing myself and I was afraid. I was afraid that I wasn’t smart enough to write those essays, or I didn’t have the right words to get my point across. I was afraid I’d sound ignorant and unintelligent and that I would receive backlash because of it. I now know that I’m none of these. I also know that because of my skin color I’m immediately placed into a box – a box I ultimately placed myself in by staying silent because that’s what they want us to do. I am a 25 year old black woman still facing the inequalities my 81 year old Nana was facing when she was my age. I’m tired. I am fed up. All we want is peace in this world and to be treated as humans. We’re fighting to maintain in a country we built. WE BUILT. Now we are tired of being peaceful about it & it’s an issue. It was an issue when Colin Kaepernick peacefully took a kneel during the national anthem and he was blackballed in the NFL. It was peaceful when MLK was marching and speaking about having a dream to be treated equal and he was shot and killed. It was even peaceful when my Nana marched alongside her classmates in Richmond, VA during the Civil Rights Movement and white people yelled at them calling them all sorts of names.

We’ve been peaceful. BEEN. And now we’ve reached a point of no return. We’re fed up. So yes we’re protesting in the streets until our feet are worn out, donating money to bail funds, donating money to movements to support the protesting, donating money to memorial funds and yes we’re looting because it’s time for us to take a stand. These business will recover but those dead black bodies will never. We’re living in a country where they’d rather throw tear gas at peaceful protests than hold their own accountable. Living in a world where a black life doesn’t matter. Where a cop (and any racist for that matter) can kill an innocent black person for jogging, going to a store, walking in the street with a black hoodie on, having a tail light out, for literally existing. And we’re tired. I’m tired. It’s tiring.

All we want is equality and for those to be held accountable, and if we have to fight to get it then so be it.

I’ll be right with my people.

If you’re looking for ways to donate or help I’ve provided a little list:

Organizations to donate to: Reclaim the Block, National Bail Out, Run with Maud, Justice For Breonna, Black Lives Matter, Black Visions Collective, NAACP Legal Defense Fund

For my Richmond folks (or anyone really, I’m from Richmond so that’s why I’m choosing this one):

—> Richmond Community Jail Bail Fund

Clicking this link will direct you petitions to sign, other organizations to donate to, map of protests, etc. :

Side note: Yes the officer’s involved in George Floyd’s murder were charged however we’re not done fighting. There are more BLACK LIVES that have been unjustly lost in the hands of police officers.

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  1. Tracye Morris says:

    A view of life I never wanted you to know. I was content with you hearing about it from your Nana never having to see or experience No Justice No Peace! We are in a time where your generation will have to take up where your Nana left off because truly nothing really changed! I am so proud of you and the writer you are and the writer you will become because your voice will be heard. What an important work it is to have something to say with empathy, passion and truth that will transcend into the minds of others forming and shaping their thoughts. Never let anyone put you in a box as the four corners of it will never have a lid to contain who you are purposed to be! I am a proud Mom! I love you that you are a writer…❤️


  2. Tammy W Paige says:

    It’s better than a great read – it’s the abilities built inside the inner woman now manifested on the outside. God’s purpose!!

    Grateful my daughter Briana shared with me.


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