Short Story: Foolish

“Foolish” (originally titled “She and Alonzo”) is a short story and work of nonfiction. This story contains two main characters, Spencer and Alonzo, who weren’t in a relationship but were romantically involved: a situationship. Told in the light of Spencer from her view of how their relationship happened and played out. The beginning of the story explains how they first met, then continues to go down the line of major occasions that happened from the memory of Spencer. While you’re reading this, you will notice there are entries of poetry about how Spencer feels. At the end of the story you will find two letters told in first-person in the voice of Spencer. Essentially, this is a long letter to Alonzo from Spencer enlightening him that she remembers every detail of their romantic relationship and how he hurt her multiple times, but she has moved on.

I’ve submitted this story to journals and once it’s picked up I’ll upload the story to this page.