Mental Health Awareness Month.

Happy May everyone, And since this month is Mental Health Awareness Month let's discuss ways to keep your mental health under control...well, I'll share mine in hopes of it helping you! People always ask me what I do to maintain my mental health. I'm always told that I've come along way from a couple of… Continue reading Mental Health Awareness Month.


Happy April

I know I've been gone for a month without posting, but I have great reasoning... I did a 40 day fasting off social media to focus on my passion (writing) and my good Lord. I hopped off Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat (my favorite might I add) to see if it was the distraction I've claimed… Continue reading Happy April

Starting the Year Off Right

Well for starters, Happy New Year everyone! I hope everyone bought in 2019 with nothing but great vibes and positivity! A new year represents new beginnings and more blessings. But you can't properly move on into the new year without a little reflection!So here's mine...2018 has been one of the most challenging years for me… Continue reading Starting the Year Off Right