Dr. Dimitri Bradley

I loved him. Not romantically, though

I loved him like a little girl loves her father

My eyes lit up like a baby who tasted something sweet for the first time

Like I was starstruck

And I was starstruck. Because he was a star to me.

His blessed way of explaining the word of God

His undeniable passion for philanthropy

His love for his family and congregation.

Who wouldn’t love a man like that?

And even though I never meet him.

His legacy lives on inside me.

The lessons he’s taught. How he unknowingly changed my life.

Those memories will never fade.

Because he is a star to me.

If I Could Erase You I Would

The idea of us not being together isn’t what hurts the most. It’s the lies and betrayal. The hurtful words that purposely spewed from your mouth. It’s the revolting side you’ve shown that’s astonishing. Baffling. Bamboozling. Yeah, it aches that we can’t be one. But that’s not what’s most painful. You said you prayed to God and she’s who was sent for you. Days before you said coexisting was the issue. So, what’s the truth.

Hm, truth. Something you had trouble with. Lying became an extreme sport you perfected. Was it real? Was any of it real? It was as real as the tooth fairy. Santa Claus. The Easter Bunny. My mind wondering day and night. My heart mourning over you. Past occasions keep replaying in my head.

You keep replaying in my head. The wine doesn’t aid my mind to escape. You probably think I’m worrisome and she probably thinks I’m pathetic. Trust me, if my mind could erase you it would. If my heart could erase you it would.

If I could erase you. I would.                               

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